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Watch: ESPN Commentator Has An Absolute Meltdown About Over-usage Of Stats In Sports

One ESPN pundit seems to have taken severe issue with the increasing prevalence of stats in sports commentating.

In the modern sporting world, stats are frequently dropped throughout the coverage of whatever the event in question may be.

The numbers behind what is happening on the field can often provide an intriguing insight into the individual contributions that might go otherwise go unnoticed. However, for one ESPN pundit, sports math has gone too far.

Ranting about the over-usage of numbers in sports, Don Lagreca slightly lost the run of himself as he explained his thoughts on the subject.

‘Your eyeballs tell the story. The offensive line sucks. Period. That’s my stat. You want a stat?! You want saber metrics?! Don Lagreca tweeted or said on the Michael K Show; offensive line stinks! That’s the stat! Give me a break.’

This is truly one of the all-time great live meltdowns so be sure to stick with it the whole way through…

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.