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Watch: Chael Sonnen Blasts “Wimp” UFC Fans Who Say Bisping Shouldn’t Have Been Allowed Fight Gastelum

Chael Sonnen’s personal YouTube account has recently emerged as a must-subscribe for all MMA fans with ‘The American Gangster’ churning out gem after gem in terms of analysing the current affairs in the sport along with high level insight. 

Sonnen has developed into one of the finest analytical minds in MMA. Combine that with the ‘gift of the gab’ he is renowned to be blessed with, his style of punditry is fascinating.

One talking point of late which drove Chael to sit down in front of the camera was Michael Bisping’s loss to Kevin Gastelum at UFC Shanghai on Saturday. The circumstances surrounding Bisping’s loss is what has got everyone talking. He was KO’d in the very first round by Gastelum, just three weeks after losing his middleweight championship of the world to Georges Saint-Pierre at UFC 217.

The quick turnaround between fights has been a divisive subject amongst MMA fans and pundits alike. ‘The Count’ was rocked badly with a strong left hook by GSP at Madison Square Garden only 21 days prior to stepping foot inside the Octagon again. Bisping’s health and safety is the concern amongst most onlookers in this case.

The truth is, no matter how much sense, or lack thereof in hindsight, combined with unwavering courage went into the decision to fight again in such a short space of time, Bisping was medically cleared by doctors to compete on Saturday.

He had made it abundantly clear that he desperately wanted the fight to shake the loss to Saint-Pierre out of his system, as well as earning two fights and two subsequent pay cheques from one training camp.

In the aftermath of what went down in Shanghai, there has been a cry for those who allowed Bisping to compete so soon after being heavily rocked and concussed to have a long, hard look at themselves.

Is Sonnen right to blast those who are looking out for the health & safety of the fighters?

Take a look at what he has to say to all those “wimps” who are preaching the aforementioned cry, while taking swipes at the supoosed many “fake tough guys” in the UFC today. It’s pretty compelling viewing:


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