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Watch: 81-Year Old Gary Player Squats Instagram Model In Latest Show Of Superhuman Strength

At 81 years of age, Gary Player is still as diehard a fitness enthusiast as you’ll find in the sporting world.

The 8-time major champion who placed an emphasis on keeping himself in-shape throughout his career is still hugely impressive standing over a golf ball, and every now and again loves to dazzle the crowds by showing off his super-human flexibility and strength.

As usual Player has been making the most of his time at Augusta, including hanging out with Instagram model and golfer Elise Lobb over the last two days, an encounter which would leave most men weak at the knees. Lobb is well known herself for her online fitness videos, but Player took his opportunity to show her a thing or two about how to squat and it makes for some great watching.

81 years old! Proving once again that age is just a number.


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Author: The PA Team

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