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Six People Who Contribute More Than A Ryder Cup Captain

Is it just us or is being Ryder Cup Captain the easiest job in world sport? This appears to be the case so we decided to choose seven people that will contribute more than this weekend’s Captains.

While nobody could argue with what Tom Watson has achieved in the game it is doubtful that his presence would add much to the US effort to win back the Ryder Cup.

Paul McGinley’s achievements on the course pale in comparison to the legendary Watson, but the Irishman could claim to be the equal of his illustrious counterpart in the captaincy stakes.

If there was a specialist who could step in to take Sergio Garcia’s putts now that might be useful. Especially after this morning:

Without further adieu, here are seven people who will contribute more to this weekend’s Ryder Cup than the Captains:

1. The Tee Announcer

This is a man whose crucial contribution is overlooked by many, his solemn pronouncements really set the scene for battle. He speaks with a brevity and clarity that anyone who has seen McGinely’s rambling interviews would wish the Irishman would emulate.

Such is the pressure of the job that legendary announcer Ivor Robson made the mistake of confusing Webb Simpson with Bubba Watson on the opening tee this morning.


2. Quiet Please Guy

One of the unsung heroes of the professional golfing circuit, the ‘Quiet Please Guy’ marshals the decibels like a communist dictator. He has no problem keeping rowdy fans in check and it is his goal to eliminate screams of ‘mashed potatoes’ when G-Mac steps up to the tee.

The importance of the Quiet Please Guy cannot be understated as the following video proves.


3. The Caddy

A job that many think is exceedingly easy, but there are crucial aspects to being a caddy that can only be appreciated when a mistake is made.

One example that comes to mind is from the British Open in the 2001, when Ian Woosman’s caddy left 15 clubs in the bag, an error that incurred a two stroke penalty costing his boss £218,334 in prize money and a Ryder Cup place.


Being able to count to 14 hardly seems like an onerous tasks, however it contributes more to the team effort than the golf buggy chauffeur- driven exploits of the captain.


4. Scoreboard & Scoreboard Operator

The scoreboard operator is the most efficient man on the course and never misses a beat. It has been said that the Ryder Cup players look up to the scoreboard more than they do their captain.

The players care more about what the scoreboard has to say rather than the ramblings of two tour veterans. The scoreboard is also less wooden than the personality of your textbook Ryder Cup captain.

The power of the scoreboard operator cannot be underestimated.
The power of the scoreboard operator cannot be underestimated.


5. Ryder Cup Vice-Captain

The Ryder Cup Vice-Captain has a much busier weekend than the his superior. Roles include such things as feeding the ego of the captain, rubbing his belly when things aren’t going to plan and of course chauffeuring him around the course on a golf cart.

Another difficulty that the Vice-Captain encounters is trying to remember the names of the other 30,000 vice-captains that the captain has chosen to answer his every beck and call.

The Vice-Captain must also ensure the players are behaving themselves. The absence of Tiger Woods makes this role a good bit easier for the US Vice-Captain this year.

McGinley has selected just 35,000 vice-captains.
McGinley has selected just 35,000 vice-captains.


6. These Fans

The fans form an important part of the Ryder Cup. These fans in particular have done what no Captain has ever done during a Ryder Cup weekend; broken a sweat.

They’ve taken to tree-climbing in order to get a better vantage point, such is their dedication to their team’s cause. This won’t be the case for Paul McGinley as he has chosen Padraig Harrington as Chief Footstool for the weekend should his view become restricted.

Did we forget anyone? Let us know.

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