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Same Old Balotelli

Mario Balotelli has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons since joining Manchester City in 2010. But now he looks to be finally on his way out of The City of Manchester Stadium after a training ground brawl with manager Roberto Mancini. It was not the first time either; Carlos Tevez, Micah Richards, Vincent Kompany and Jerome Boateng have all had bust-ups with the Italian on the training ground. Brian Barry compiles his top 10 incidents, excluding these little bust-ups, which have leaves the manager with little option but to offload the Italy international this month.

10. Swearing on live TV

“All my season was S**t… Can I say that?” What do you think Mario?

9. Karate kick

Not quite something that Eric Cantona would be proud of, but it was still outrageous enough to warrant a red card and a place at number nine on the list.

8. Fireworks

Roberto Mancini must surely worry for the ability of his striker to keep himself out of harm’s way off the pitch. In October 2011, fire brigades were called to the Italian’s house after midnight to deal with flames which broke out after he had let off fireworks inside his own bathroom.

7. Throwing darts at youth team

He was fined £300,000 in March 2011 for throwing darts in the direction of youth team players. His defence? He was “bored.”

6. Car troubles

Mancini and co must wonder if he is ever going to arrive to training in one piece, considering reports of Balotelli’s driving excursions. Firstly, his car was impounded 27 times, which probably explain the £10,000 he has paid in parking fines. He also wrote off a £120,000 Audi, just a week after he bought it. His £140,000 Bentley was also a victim of reckless driving.

5. Braking of Curfew

The Italy international enjoys fun and a few drinks as much as the next man, but his infamous breaking of curfews ensured that he appeared on the back pages again. In March last year, he was fined £400,000 by the club for visiting a strip club two days before a Premier League game.

4. Bib-gate

No description is necessary.

3. Inter Press Conference

You can take the man out of the club, but you can’t take the club out of the man. Balotelli, with his free day, decided to fly to Italy to attend the unveiling of new Inter manager Andrea Stramaccioni, to wish him all the best at the striker’s former club.

2. Smoking habit

Modern day professional athletes generally do not smoke, but then again Mario Balotelli does not generally follow the rules. Mancini did not seem too pushed, providing that he keeps delivering on the pitch, saying he would put up with it “if he smokes 10 cigarettes a day and scores two goals every game.”

1. Back-heel attempt in pre-season friendly

Against LA Galaxy in July 2011, the Italy international found himself one on one with the goalkeeper, and tried a fancy finish, something that did not go down too well with the boss.


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