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RTBC – Joe Brolly blunt in battle against SKY

When I sat down to write the week’s Reason to be Cheerful, I had every intention of writing about the new Manchester ticket of Louis Van Gaal and Ryan Giggs and how they should be by no means written off.

And then Joe Brolly started tweeting.

Joe Brolly is one of the many reasons people are excited about the GAA. As a self-confessed sunshine supporter, one of the things that captivates this writer is punditry, and Joe Brolly in particular. Joe Brolly makes the Sunday Game wonderfully entertaining. His passion is infectious and when he and Pat Spillane come to verbal blows, it is pure theatre.

Last season Brolly caused controversy when he slammed Tyrone midfielder Sean Cavanagh for his awful tackle in the quarter-final against Monaghan. He admitted he may have gone overboard, but his rant certainly made for entertaining viewing.

We are just a week into the championship season proper and already things have spiced up. With Sky coming in to take some of the games and put them into their schedule, it has caused a fair bit of controversy, with people saying our nation’s games should be on a channel that is not a subscription one.

But Brolly has struck first as RTE square off with the competition by taking to Twitter.

“SKY = TV3 plus Baywatch babe”, he said on the social media website. He followed it up by saying “SKY’s entrenched beautiful anchor formula is shamelessly sexist, designed for their overwhelmingly male audience. That is the point.”

First blood to Brolly it would seem.

Whatever your view on what he said, Brolly says what he thinks. And when fans watch pundits, that is what they want. For the record, he did apologise to Rachel Wyse about the Baywatch babe line, saying it was not meant as a personal attack and has posted some light-hearted tweets since.

Was Brolly over the top? Yes. Was he right to apologise to Wyse? Definitely. But has he made us more excited about the coming Championship and the inevitable RTE v SKY TV battle? Absolutely!

So as Brolly sparks another fire, he has made sure that whatever happens on the pitch, the 2014 GAA season is going to be interesting.

Anyway, Joe shouldn’t complain. Who needs a Baywatch babe, when RTE has Marty Morrissey.

Steve Neville, Pundit Arena.

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Author: The PA Team

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