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One Statistic That Puts England’s Failure And Argentina’s Success Into Perspective

Argentina have surprised many by reaching the semi finals.

While reading Jeremy Guscott’s most recent article on the BBC’s website, my attention was drawn to a table listing the number of registered players in each tier one country.

Although Guscott discussed the intricacies of southern hemisphere rugby in the article, he failed to offer much analysis on the table he chose to include.

Indeed while the article was interesting in itself, Guscott failed to give enough credit to Argentina for being able to reach their second World Cup semi final despite only laying claim to 56,998 registered players

Argentina’s success is put into context when you consider that England 340,347 registered players and France 291,202. It must almost be remembered that currently, the vast majority of the Argentinian squad play their rugby abroad.

However that is going to change next year, when a professional team based in Buenos Aires will be entered into Super Rugby.

With a population of over 41 million, Argentina’s current success could see them become a rugby super power in years to come.

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Alan Drumm, Pundit Arena


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