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NBA Friday Flashback: Vince Carter -“Half Man, Half Amazing.”

The NBA Slam Dunk Contest has become a ritualistic part of the NBA season, taking place each year during the All-Star weekend. This week we look back on the high-flying antics of Vince Carter.

The NBA Slam Dunk Contest officially began in 1976-77 season, but did not take place again until 1984. In the years since, some of the greats have competed – Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dominique Wilkins and Scottie Pippen to name but a few.

However, nobody quite epitomises the Dunk Contest like Vince Carter – sorry MJ.

Carter entered the league in 1998 as the fifth overall draft pick for the Golden State Warriors, but was immediately traded to the Raptors. He became known for his energetic and athletic playing style, and attacking the basket with reckless abandon. So when it was announced Cater was partaking in the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest, the basketball world was buzzing with excitement.

Carter won the contest in 2000, in what can only be described as extraordinarily emphatic fashion. The superstars in attendance were in awe, judges were clambering over tables to congratulate him, the crowd was hysterical, and nobody has seen anything like it since. Carter performed a number of astonishing dunks, each one as impressive as the last.

Shaquille O’Neal – ”What was my favourite part?  ‘Watching Vince dunk, of course. I’ve never seen anybody who dunks like that.”

Dr. Julius Erving – “We got things we had never seen before. We got things that were the result of Vince’s imagination, talent and determination. He did dunks tonight he had never done before and no one had ever seen before.”

In recent years, the quality of players taking part in the contest has diminished, and Carter has been proven untouchable. There are simply not enough superlatives to describe this guy ‘s dunks, so here are some videos of his highlights instead:

Pundit Arena, Joseph Carroll.

Featured Image By Tom Thai [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

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