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Moving Day at the US Open

Today is moving day! For all avid golfers, Saturday at any Major is the day to watch! This is when players press their advantage, try high risk shots, and watch the leaderboard as if it held the answers to the meaning of life!

Martin Kaymer is the talk of the 114th US Open. His stellar player of back to back 65s is unmatched in golfing history. Currently ranked number 28th in the world, his game seems poised to make a giant leap up the standings, but first he has to seal the deal.  Kaymer is not unfamiliar with the pressures of being a top rated golfer because of his short eight-week stint as golfing world’s number one player back in 2011. Therefore, there should be no real surprise that he is leading the US Open.

Well, except for a few extremely intelligent pundits, Martin Kaymer was not even on the radar as a potential contender. Of late, he struggled with his game, tried to change his swing and slowly lost ground to the rest of the golfing world. However, his recent reversion back to his roots of hitting a high powerful fade appears to be the right choice at the right time!

The rest of field is watching Kaymer shred Pinehurst #2 with awe and confusion. As most players struggle to make their way around this 7500 yard monster, Kaymer is making it look too easy. As they look on, they must be wondering if they are playing for second place or will Kaymer falter on the most important day of the tournament.

The top of the leaderboard is littered with young lions. The old veterans are no where to be seen.  The current number one in the world, Adam Scott, is 10 strokes behind! However, all these young players vying for the top spot will make for some exciting golf on moving day!

The players to watch today are Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, and Jordan Spieth. Any of these three players have the game to shoot low and grit to try! They will be taking chances with the hopes that Kaymer has a run of bad luck so they can close the gap. If by the end of the day, any of these three players are within 3 strokes of the leader, the final round of the US Open Golf Championship will something to watch!

The Grateful Golfer, Pundit Arena.

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