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Men Against Boys – Moyes Out Of His Depth Against Guardiola

David Moyes is 50 years old, has managed since 1998 taking charge of just under 800 games with a win percentage of 44%. His Manchester United team face reigning European champions Bayern Munich who have a manager that has spent 10 years less time in the dugout than Moyes and is seven years his junior. Unfortunately for Moyes and United that man is Josep Guardiola.

Guardiola’s record speaks for itself; 14 trophies in four seasons with Barcelona. This was his first ever managerial position and he won 14 out of a possible 19 trophies in his four years there. Even before his first year is over with Munich he has already won three out of a possible four trophies this season with the Bundesliga, the Club World Cup and the European Super Cup secured away in Bayern’s trophy cabinet. Guardiola has turned the already dominant German giants into a nearly unbeatable team with the club having lost just two games out of 44 this season.

Guardiola is a manager who has proven he can handle the pressure of a big club and will deliver trophies. He would have been the perfect choice to replace Alex Ferguson at United. Instead, the club appointed David Moyes.

Ten years with Everton on a shoestring budget and still keeping them in the top eight of the Premier League convinced Ferguson and co. at United to trust him with the manager’s position at Old Trafford. 47 games into his debut season with the Red Devils can only be viewed as a failure and a respectable defeat against the Germans is all one can realistically hope for when they meet on Tuesday night.

All Moyes’ time with Everton proved was that he can keep a good team in midtable. Honestly, if you look at United’s statistics this season and compare them to Everton this time last season they are nearly in the exact same position in terms of points and goals scored and conceded. If you look at Everton now, Roberto Martinez has them playing brilliant football and they’re pushing for the top four. In a decade with the Merseyside club he never won a trophy and only won his first top flight trophy with the Community Shield this year.

One way to look at it is that Moyes should be the better manager. Managers are often expected to be better the longer they’ve been in the job and Moyes started managing ten years before Guardiola and has over 400 more games as a manager. You can argue that because Guardiola was a better player, played in a better team and learned his trade as a manager in a better club that’s why the Spaniard is better than Moyes. But Brendan Rodgers and Arsene Wenger were never great players and came up through smaller clubs and went on to become great managers in the Premier League.

In the end, Moyes is simply not up to the level of managing a major European team and tomorrow night will come up against a man who has clearly shown he is capable of handling the pressure that comes with a top team. I have thrown a lot of numbers and statistics around in this article and I will finish with this one; Moyes has lost 13 games with United in all competitions this season, Guardiola has lost 28 in his entire managerial career.

Gavin Nolan, Pundit Arena.

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