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Johnny Manziel Drops Down The Draft as Clowney Makes Top Spot

Johnny Manziel, known to Texas A & M fans as Johnny Football, has seen his draft stock plummet in recent weeks.

A solid but by no means spectacular showing at the NFL Combine, coupled with his perceived reputation as a party-boy, has seen teams go for safer options than Manziel. This spectacular fall has finally bottomed out with him being picked twenty-second overall by the Cleveland Browns.

For those who aren’t avid American Football fans, the ‘Draft’ refers to how NFL teams pick former collegiate players to play for them. The poorer a team performs in a season, the greater preference they are given to pick from this pool of talent. Last year’s worst team, the Houston Texans, drafted Jadeveon Clowney as the number one pick overall. Hopefully their faith in the young man will see him transfer his outstanding collegiate form to the professional game.

Manziel, once touted as the number one pick overall, appeared happy as he was drafted to play for the Cleveland Browns. However, his smile seemed forced, possibly dreaming of what could have been had his reputation and perceived unreliablity not come back to haunt him. It was possibly his comments, that he wouldn’t quit his party lifestyle, that really hurt his chances of being the first pick in the Draft.

Another Draft finished, another season about to begin. As Clowney basks in the limelight of being the first pick and Manziel retreats to Cleveland to lick his wounds, it will be interesting to see if they sink or swim in the fickle world of professional American Football.

Ronan J. O’Sullivan, Pundit Arena.

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Author: The PA Team

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