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German Domination

The 2014 World Cup was a wonderful but strange tournament in the form of the lack of out and out strikers, as well as countless head injuries which were ‘carefully’ ignored. The best team, however, went all the way and won the tournament.

A solid team with plenty of quality, young players, experienced players and an excellent team ethic. The perfect combination that makes every other team in the tournament envious.

The German outfit have excellent players throughout the squad, with Goetze demonstrating just the kind of quality he has at a young age, scoring a fantastic World Cup final winner in extra time. Klose went out and beat Ronaldo of Brazil’s record, whilst destroying Brazil in humiliating fashion along the way. For me, strength and depth along with the correct mix of experience and youth took this German team straight through to life the trophy.

These are players that are playing for top clubs, mostly in German football, quite similar to England’s team of players in the 1990’s. Looking at the team this way paves the way for clarity of exactly why the England team is not good enough, with most of their players playing for random clubs across the Premier League. Having the best keeper in the world is a huge bonus for Germany and an advantage over every teams in the competition.

Much like Spain, I think they will dominate over the next few tournaments. They will be favorites for Euro 2016 that’s for sure. Unlike Spain though, I think they’ll not fade quite as dramatically. While Spain have strength in depth, Joachim Low was able to send Goetze on in the final, as well as rely on the veteran experience of Klose and both of these players showed up and made their efforts count, rather than being put on and coming out with excuses. For me, I think when the time comes, the youth of Germany will gradually take over the experience of the old guard, not just at national level, but at club level, and unlike Spanish and English recent tradition, they will not be afraid to make brave decision which allows the youth to thrive and become the old guard. This is why, for me, I can see Germany dominating even more than the Spanish have in recent years. They could dominate for the next 4-6 tournaments.

One other important lesson we can learn from them is country unity. Sure it’s probably easier said than done, but I am sure a united Germany is much stronger than a West Germany, and if that was still the case, perhaps we might be looking at a different country being crowned champions of the world in the beautiful game right now. Sport can be a very unified occasion.

Michael Laverty, Pundit Arena.

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Author: The PA Team

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