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Friday’s Forgotten – Tim Tebow

 He may not yet be forgotten to all but a lot of people must wonder what has happened to Tim Tebow, writes Sean Cremin.

Tebow shot to fame in 2011 when he played quarter-back for the Denver Broncos in the NFL. Since then though, his career has been almost non-existent. At the moment he is an unemployed NFL player and it was only two years ago that he enjoyed a successful debut season.

Tebow earned a lot of admirers for his performances and his personality. His religious views were a huge part of his make-up. His down on one knee and pray to God pose became a worldwide phenomenon. This along with his ‘all I do is win’ mentality worked for both Tebow and Broncos supporters. He became a very famous star all over the world.

Tebow wasn’t first choice at the beginning of the 2011 season, but after the first five games Tebow was ‘unleashed’. Denver had lost four of their first five games and Tebow transformed the fortunes of this side. He led the team to the play-offs. He became one the icons of the NFL and gained a lot of fans worldwide. His passing stats were by no means exceptional but his athleticism and running game won plenty of games for the Broncos.

His career highlight was his overtime throw that clinched a play-off victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011. Although the Bronco’s failed in their next play-off outing, Tebow had announced himself to the world of American Football. In the summer of 2012 though, to Tebow’s expense, Denver capitalised on the availability of one of the NFL’s greatest, Peyton Manning. They secured his services and made Tebow available for trade.

It seemed like a strange call at the time but reservations on Tebow’s throwing ability and the availability of the NFL’s greatest forced the Broncos to rethink. Tebow moved to the New York Jets and this is where things started to unravel. The move was a major flop for both parties. The Jets and starting quarter-back, Mark Sanchez, capitulated and Tebow was never given the chance to play. Both the Jets and Tebow had terrible seasons in 2012 and Tebow was cut from the Jets roster ahead of the 2013 season.

Tebow’s time at the Jets wasn’t easy. He received huge criticism from both the public and his own teammates. A lot of the Jets struggles were attributed to the media circus that followed Tebow to New York. In ways the criticism was unfair. The amazing thing is how much Tebow divides opinions. There are opinions that ‘he can’t throw’ and that he simply isn’t a good quarter-back. Others believe that ‘all he does is win games’ which he has proven in the past. Debates on Tebow have been heated on more than one occasion.

At the moment Tebow is a free agent. New England Patriots took a chance on Tebow last summer. He trained and played with the Patriots in the preseason but was released a few weeks before the start of the NFL season. It’s hard to know what lies ahead for him. He continues to insist that he is a quarter-back but does he have the throwing ability to be a success at the elite level?

Currently he is working as an analyst with ESPN for college football. It may be early to classify him as a totally forgotten star but at the same time, he is in danger of been forgotten the longer he goes on without an NFL team. Will he need a change of position or will he just become a ‘one trick pony’? Nonetheless, in the space of two years he has gone from a starting quarter-back to a player who can’t find a club. He is a sports star that many people have forgotten about.

Pundit Arena, Sean Cremin.

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