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Forgotten Friday – The Corporation

Wrestling is the destination for this week’s edition of Forgotten Friday, where we look at one of the iconic groups of the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE).

Prior to the WWF Attitude era reaching its peak, we witnessed great groups such as D’Generation X, The Heart Foundation and many more. One group that contained what would become some of the organisation’s biggest names was The Corporation. The likes of The Rock and Triple H began their big name careers as part of this group and here we will look at the history of The Corporation and how they fell apart.

The group was led by owner Vince McMahon and his son Shane McMahon. At this time, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the crowd favourite and marquee name of the WWF. The ‘Rattlesnake’ was renowned for his rebellious nature. He would often push Vince McMahon to the limit and McMahon assembled The Corporation in an attempt to keep Steve Austin quiet and keep better control of his company.

The Corporation originally consisted of Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon along WWF veterans Sergeant Slaughter, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco, worked alongside the tough character that was the Big Bossman. They improved the group by adding the growing character, The Rock. The Rock was becoming a popular wrestler and was becoming the main threat the Steve Austin as the number one wrestler in the WWF.

They constantly worked in ways to give big advantages to the members of the group in matches. There were many times when referees were distracted or pin falls were counted quickly in order to ensure that the likes of The Rock and Triple H were victorious. The acquisition of Triple H further enhanced the strength of the group as his stock was growing. Powerful wrestlers like Ken Shamrock and the Big Show made them remain a force but their group would soon begin to diminish.

The Rock’s reputation was growing and he eventually left the group after having a falling out with the McMahon’s. The Undertaker was almost seen as a replacement for The Rock as his group The Ministry of Darkness joined forces with The Coporation to form The Corporate Ministry. This group was now established to prevent the growing forces of The Rock, Stone Cold and Mankind. It was a great feud that really kicked of the beginning of the Attitude era.

There was a great feud between Stone Cold and The Undertaker soon after the establishment of The Corporate Ministry. The McMahon’s continued to screw Austin out of title matches but Stone Cold finally regained the WWF title from The Undertaker and this was the beginning of the end for The Corporate Ministry. This particular time also boosted the reputation of The Rock and Triple H who would go onto to lead the WWF/WWE and still remain in the organisation to this day.

It was a time when there was great feuds between some hugely talented wrestling entertainers. Soon after, The Corporation/Corporate Ministry Triple H would become WWF champion and begin a long career at the top of the business. The Rock would take over from Stone Cold Steve Austin as the billboard name of the company while the likes of The Underatker and the McMahon’s would move onto new storylines.

It is easy to forget some of the factors that contributed to wrestling entertainments greatest era. The Corporation was the beginning of some wrestlers career and can easily be forgotten. It was where The Rock and Triple H went from up and coming stars to A-List members of the WWF/WWE. The Corporation really kick started their careers.

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