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Everything Wrong With America’s NCAA Explained In One Video

March Madness is engulfing the USA right now but NCAA’s treatment of athletes is very wrong indeed.  


For those not so familiar with March Madness and the NCAA, here’s a quick catch-up. The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletes Association. It’s a non-profit association which regulates all aspects of athletic programs for many colleges in the USA and Canada. In theory, it’s intentions and its purpose is good, emphasis on “in theory”. 

March Madness is the tagline given to the NCAA’s Mens’ Division I Basketball Tournament. The competition sees the best upcoming basketball players face off over a month to determine the greatest team in North America. These are the guys that will vying to one day ply their trade in the NBA, though 98% won’t make it. And while the tournament will generate over a billion dollars in revenue, it’s stars will earn nothing. It’s an issue that is very contentious stateside. And that’s where John Oliver comes in, the Host of HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’, the show takes a satirical look on some of the most outrageous cases of hypocrisy in the news each week. 

Granted, it’s long but certainly worth the watch.

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