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Dublin Football – No One Can Stop The Blue Wave

As a passionate Dublin football fan, Gavin Quinn believes no team can stand in the Metropolitans’ way to another All Ireland crown.

Nobody. No volunteer will emerge to face the blue wave. The wave is far from breaking, it’s only gathering pace and rising over every rock and boulder that is unfortunate enough to be placed in its path. Laois, Wexford and Meath have all been broken and humiliated in front of Hill 16.

Do all opposition arrive at Croke Park to face with no hope of breaking the Dublin wave? No, they develop delusional hope and in Meath’s case expectation that a miracle will happen before their very eyes for it only to be destroyed in an incendiary furnace. The scars of Laois and Wexford are then exposed in the qualifiers but Dublin were the true architects of the murder.

Dublin have adapted a tactic of domination in Gaelic Football, a tactic of winning and progressing but leaving behind a blaze of fire that has taken multiple victims.

Jim Gavin has not one  blemish on his tenure as Dublin Manager, winning every competition his team has competed in.

Upon all this destruction Dublin will face a wall; a blockade superior to that of their Leinster opponents. Donegal’s total defence? Kerry’s experience? Or Mayo’s unwillingness to give up? Could any of these provide enough resistance to shoot down the Dublin juggernaut? This writer doesn’t believe they possess the ability or potential to do so.

Forgive me for using the Allianz National League as an example given its lack of intensity and passion compared to Championship but I must reiterate again the damage that Dublin have inflicted on their opponents.

This damage is internal and psychological and has not enabled teams such as Derry and Cork to fully regroup from heavy defeats at the hands of the Dubs.

Derry are already eliminated from the championship while Cork were beaten to the tune of twelve points by Kerry. They simply didn’t recover from their humiliations in HQ served by Dublin.

Yes there are bigger boulders and ‘unsinkable ships’ such as Jim McGuinness’ Donegal in the way of the Blue Wave; wave being an understatement.  However, it’s more accurate to describe the Dublin footballers as a Tsunami; powerful and unstoppable.

Gavin Quinn, Pundit Arena.

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.