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Cricket, Jimmy Anderson & A Lesson On How Not To Get The Truth

Iain Anderson discusses the problems in modern day cricket where confrontations lead to drawn out, time-consuming hearings. Case in point, the Jimmy Anderson saga.

After a hearing lasting 6 hours, overseen by Australian Judicial Commisioner Gordon Lewis, through the technology of video conferencing, Jimmy Anderson will not be punished for allegedly abusing and pushing Ravindra Jadeja, a level three offence.

Ravindra Jadeja, who was found guilty of the level two offence of misconduct, had this overturned and will not now be fined 50% of his match fee.

Had Jimmy Anderson been found guilty, he would have faced a fine and a ban of up to four matches. Presumably this was what Nasser Hussain meant when he said that, “if found guilty they should throw the book at him”.

This, dear readers, is modern day cricket. Had it been a football match, both players would have received a yellow card and that would have been the end of it (as they were leaving the pitch when the alleged incident happened it is possible that nothing would have been done).

The difference is that, despite the vast amounts of money in football, it is still perceived to be a working class game. The working class tend to sort out their differences very quickly and with minimum fuss. The rules of the game would have been drawn up, in a day, over a pie and a pint in the Dog & Duck.

Cricket, on the other hand, has never been perceived as anything other than upper class. This is the old school tie brigade who, if you upset them, are more likely to challenge you to a duel than look for a simple solution.

There are still male-only areas at some Cricket grounds. The rules for this game would have been drawn up over several months while copious amounts of wine were consumed along with cucumber sandwiches.

This hearing has cost thousands of pounds, has required the presence of solicitors, witnesses and senior figures within the sport. The upshot of it all is quite amusing really. They haven’t found anybody guilty of anything. So it has all been a very expensive exercise in how not to get the truth because someone was lying, they just didn’t find out who.

Iain Anderson, Pundit Arena.

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Author: The PA Team

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