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Burnley: Can the “Ginger Mourinho” Stay At The Top Table?

Burnley are back in the big time. That they have achieved this feat within two seasons of being relegated is due, in no small way, to Sean Dyche.

Now thoughts go back to Owen Coyle who, after a brilliant start to his Premier League season, started to go downhill dramatically. Worse was to follow. Burnley were relegated after Coyle had jumped ship to Bolton where he was fired after they were relegated then going to Wigan where he was fired before they could be relegated.

Managers of the so-called “smaller” clubs are on a hiding to nothing when they reach the top division.

There is an argument, quite a logical one, that these clubs should callously fire their manager once they reach the Premier League. The thought process being that, although the Mick McCarthys and Owen Coyles and Ian Holloways of this world are good enough to get there, they are not good enough to stay there. Consequently a “Premier League” manager should be employed on achieving promotion. Look at Crystal Palace with Tony Pulis as an example.

This writer would hate to see this come into being as the manager who got the team there deserves a chance to manage at the top, (even if it’s only until Christmas).

However, the money involved in being in the Premier League does make seemingly sensible clubs do very nonsensical things.

Burnley appear to be a very sensible club and they will stick with Sean Dyche because, without him, they wouldn’t be in the Premier League. Sean Dyche is good enough to keep Burnley in the top division. The question is: If Dyche does well will he stick with Burnley?

Iain Anderson, Pundit Arena.

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