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Brian Kerr’s Most Memorable Quotes From RTE’s World Cup Coverage

Pat Fenlon

Brian Kerr kept us all entertained with his colourful commentary at this year’s World Cup. Kerr has provided well prepared analysis of the game and has an enthusiasm in his commentary that is infectious. Here are some of his most memorable quotes.

The vanishing foam used by referees at this year’s World Cup was always going to be subject to an “analysis” by the former St. Patricks Athletic man.



Commentator (after the referee paints the line for the wall to stand behind):

“Nice flourish there by the referee, with his line painting”

“That’s a nice neat one alright, I’d say he’s been practicing all week waiting on the second game.”-Kerr



Kerr on the referee and his vanishing foam.

“He’d be a great man to decorate your Christmas tree, wouldn’t he?”



Another reference to the referee utilizing the vanishing foam.

“He’s very flash there with the aftershave”.



The following quote (while a few years old is worth mentioning) refers to former Norwich and Tottenham defender Gary Doherty who could also play as an orthodox attacker, but by reading the quote in this context it would seem that Kerr did not rate the defender.

“I have eight very good defenders in my squad, nine if you include Gary Doherty.”



Here Kerr gives a breakdown of his Faroe Island squad, which he managed from 2009-2011.


“We have four carpenters, at least six full-time students – one of them had to fly to Copenhagen and back for an exam this week – two policemen, an accountant, one fella works in a sports shop, two teachers, Andreas works in a bowling alley, and he’s doing a bit of carpentry as well.Simun is full-time in Iceland, Suni works in a fish factory, I think Frodi’s a builder, Jakup is a teacher but he’s on the town council as well, he’s like a TD. That’s kind of the run of it. The pool is quite limited, there’s no one at Milan we’ve missed out on. The Granny Rule isn’t much help either, the Faroese haven’t been huge at emigration.”



Kerr also provided some hilarious quotes on Marouane Fellaini’s hair. The first quote insinuating why the referee may be picking on the Manchester United midfielder.

“The ref is probably picking on Fellaini because of his hair. I remember playing football with a guy with a skinhead and the ref was always picking on him because his hair was easy to spot.”


Kerr then just simply stated the following.

”The big bushy head on him.”



While commentating on the Croatia v Mexico game he came out with this one liner.

“No wonder the Mexican coach is doing his nut.”



The former Ireland manager was not pleased with Alex Song’s elbow for Cameroon against Croatia.

“It doesn’t give him the right to go and almost commit a murder.”



In the same game Luka Modric received a nasty facial injury and Kerr was full of sympathy for the Real Madrid midfielder quoting

“He’s after getting it right bang in the snot.”

Dan Dalton, Pundit Arena.

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