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WrestleMania 30 Preview

Michael Dorgan looks ahead to Sundays WrestleMania 30 event

In 1984, World Wrestling Federation (WWF) owner Vince McMahon propelled sports entertainment onto a global scale when he launched WrestleMania. Thirty years on, the event is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary and the now World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) company is a global phenomenon.

Dubbed the “showcase of the immortals”, all roads lead fans to New Orleans tonight as WWEs showcase event rolls into town. Hosted by the iconic Hulk Hogan, who himself headlined the inaugural event against Andre the Giant, this year’s show is being held in Louisiana’s Mercedes-Benz Superdome which has been redeveloped after Hurricane Katrina devastated the state in 2005.

In all there are seven bouts on this year’s card with the Fatal Four Way Tag Team for the WWE Tag Team Championship between The Usos(c), Los Matadores, The Real Americans and Team Ryback and Curtis Axel relegated to the pre-show; which is disappointing as it denigrates the value of the tag titles to a certain extent.

The main event is for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and comes in the form of a Triple Threat match. Defending champion Randy Orton and Royal Rumble victor Batista are the only confirmed names thus far as the third and final contestant will be the victor of the Daniel Bryan v. Triple H singles match. Bryan’s long feud with the “Authority” is to be settled tonight and expect Bryan to beat HHH and go on to clinch the title although there maybe a few twists along the way as Stone Cold Steve Austin has been confirmed to make an appearance and may become involved in the form of a special guest referee or interfering in some form or another. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has also been confirmed to make an appearance although in what way is as of yet unknown.

The other exciting contest is of course The Undertaker putting his infamous streak on the line versus “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. Should Taker win, he will extend his unbeaten streak at Wrestlemania to 22-0. The build up to this match has been pretty mediocre to be fair and pales in comparison to CM Punk versus The Undertaker last year where Punk tormented the Dead Man for weeks by disrespecting the real-life death of Paul Bearer with Punk even robbing Bearers trademark urn. It’s surprising that Lesnar has been painted as being somewhat afraid of the Undertaker and it’s a shame more hasn’t been made of their own real life feud and because of the pale storyline there is no chance of Lesnar breaking the streak. (Speaking of pale, the Undertakers overuse of that spray tan has looked dreadful in recent weeks and even embarrassing; after all he is supposed to be dead!)

The Wyatt family have been a huge success in the WWE over the past year and their leader Bray takes on John Cena in a singles match. The Wyatt’s have twice cost Cena his chance to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship in the last two PPVs and are seeking to end what they see as the illusion that Cena is a good, moral and benevolent individual. This could go either way and would be the ideal time for Cena to finally turn heel but I’m not sure if WWE are ever going to let this to happen. Hulk Hogan, who engineered the most successful ever heel turn when he went to WCW and changed to the “Hollywood Hogan” persona, has recently agreed that the time for such a change is now.  Overall I feel it would be of more benefit to the direction of the Wyatt storyline and character development if Bray comes out on top for this one as it is really irrelevant if Cena wins or loses.

Elsewhere there is The Vickie Guerero Divas Championship Invitational bout which is a 14-Diva single-fall match for the Divas Championship and the 30-man Battle Royal for the new André the Giant Memorial Trophy which to a certain extent is a meaningless contest but at least gives the rest of the roster an opportunity to perform at the event. The Big Show has been promoted a lot for this event and may take the spoils however it should be used to get one of the younger superstars over.

Finally there is The Shield v. Kane and The New Age Outlaws which I’m hoping will be another fantastic performance as the Shield have been very impressive in the ring over the last few months and expect them to come out on top in this one.

It was great to see legends of the industry celebrated yesterday evening when The Ultimate Warrior, Paul Bearer (RIP), Mr. T, Lita, Carlos Colon, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall (as Razor Ramon) made up years this year’s class. It was a significant milestone for Roberts and Hall after their long battle with drug and alcohol abuse and a just reward for their success in overcoming their problems.

Below is a sneak peak of tonight’s stage

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