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VIDEO: LA Lakers enter ‘The Dark World’

The 2013/14 season will represent a major struggle for the LA Lakers. However, as they enter this ‘Dark World’, the light at the end of the tunnel won’t be out of sight for too long.

The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off the back of a season full of heartbreak, hardship and disappointment. A ‘Dwightmare’ for use of a better word.

The sacking of Mike Brown, and consequent hiring of Mike D’Antoni ensured the Purple and Gold would begin their season in the most unstable of manners.

The team struggled to come to terms with Mike (No) D’Antoni’s offense, injuries continued to mount and the Lakers looked like missing out on a playoff berth. Kobe and Dwight bickered throughout, with the latter struggling under the bright lights of LA.

Kobe Bryant played enormous minutes before eventually succumbing to an Achilles injury that would sideline the superstar for a lengthy period.

The Lakers were eventually swept in the playoffs by the San Antonio Spurs, and during the off-season Dwight Howard packed his bags and fled to Houston. The book was finally closed on a disappointing season.

This season is expected to be even tougher for all involved with the famous franchise. With very little cap space the Lakers were unable to make a move for any marquee players. However, to reach the Promised Land one must go through purgatory.

The 2013/14 season represents this difficult period, but the future is bright. The Lakers will be big players in the 2014/15 Free Agency market, with colossi such as LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony being mooted as possible acquisitions.

The upcoming season may not be pretty, but Laker fans won’t have to cover their eyes for too long. A championship may be out of question this time around, but the Lakers of 2014/15 will be a formidable juggernaut that will be ready for battle.

The Lakers may have slipped down the ladder, but they’ll be back at the top in no time.

Sport Is Everything. Richard Barrett.

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