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SIE Debate: Are Liverpool right to refuse a potential Europa League spot?

Last night’s #SIE discussion centred around Liverpool’s controversial decision to refuse a potential Europa League spot in favour of a lucrative pre-season tour.

For those who missed last night’s @SportInsiders debate, Liverpool have decided to refuse a potential back-door entry to the Europa League through the Fair Play League in order to fulfil commitments in the Southern Hemisphere.

For a club that look highly unlikely to find another gateway into Europe for next season, many would have thought the club would’ve snatched at the chance to bring European football to Anfield once more. The Europa League is a multi-faceted competition that undoubtedly has its pros and cons.

European football could attract a certain calibre of players that want to make their mark on the continent. It also offers Brendan Rodgers the chance to blood young players against good European sides.

However, it does entail arduous trips as far as Russia and Ukraine and can often impact on a club’s performance in their domestic league.

Wednesday night, during the #SIE discussion, we asked Liverpool fans what they thought of their club’s decision to fly to Australia and Indonesia rather than compete in Europe. Here’s what the people had to say:

At first the reaction was mixed:

However, it was soon clear that the majority of Liverpool fans supported the decision, as it would enable the squad to focus on the Premier League and that all-important Champions League berth:

With many Liverpool fans pointing to an improved season in the Premier League as success, @SportInsiders asked the question:

It appeared that most believed the Europa League doesn’t hold much prestige amongst football fans:

The debate then moved onto the ‘lure’ of playing for Liverpool Football Club. Without European football acting as a potential bargaining chip, how would Brendan Rodgers and co. attract big-name players to Merseyside?

It appears that Liverpool fans feel that holding onto Suarez is a must, if the team are to reach the next level and return to competing for a ‘Top Four’ spot.

When speaking about potential transfer targets, two of Real Sociedad’s hottest properties were mentioned:

With Real Sociedad on the brink of Champions League qualification, it is hard to comprehend why any player would pack up and move to Merseyside. One thing is for sure, it is certain to be a busy summer at Anfield. With a team full of promising youngsters, it’s clear that this current Liverpool side can only get better. Perhaps next season will in fact be Liverpool’s ‘YEAR’.

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