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Roberto Carlos: Golazo King

Roberto Carlos was the proverbial “scorer of great goals, as opposed to a great goalscorer”.  Although one or two may been unintentional, anyone that knows Roberto Carlos will agree that anything is possible when it comes to the Brazilian’s cultured left foot. Here are his Top Five Golazos. Sit back and enjoy:

5. Was it a mix of measured skill and audacity, or simply just luck?

4. Carlos was deadly with free kicks from any distance, as the Barcelona team will testify.

3. This deadly effort portrayed Carlos’ ability to bend a football whichever way he wanted. Jedi-mind tricks yo.

2. Did he mean it or was it a fluke? Who cares, either way it was an absolute golazo that left the Tenerife keeper with no chance.

1. The quintessential Roberto Carlos goal. Perfection.


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