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One Zero Founder: Why We Decided To Bring Lance Armstrong To Town

One Zero co-founder, Richard Barrett, gives us an insight into the rationale behind bringing Lance Armstrong to Dublin this October.

Lance Armstrong cheated, lied, and took performance-enhancing drugs.

Lance Armstrong won seven consecutive Tours de France.

Lance Armstrong caused irreparable suffering to countless people, a number of whom were Irish.

Lance Armstrong founded an organisation that helped to improve the suffering of millions of cancer sufferers.

Lance Armstrong  is no saint, but then again none of us are.

On Tuesday September 13th, we proudly announced Lance Armstrong as one of our keynote speakers for the One Zero Conference. As expected, the reaction was widespread, animated, and in some cases, even vitriolic. While the politically correct version of me would like to say that I was disappointed by the reaction that Lance provoked, that is not the case.

One Zero, although still in its infancy, seeks to provoke discussion through its delivery of top quality, invigorating and energising content. This isn’t a sales pitch, there’s no point wasting your time.

When we decided to announce Lance Armstrong as our keynote speaker, and in doing so facilitate his first no-holds-barred interview in Europe since Oprah, we knew the world would take notice.

I won’t be wearing a yellow jersey, nor will I be asking Lance to sign my bike on October 21st. Heck, I don’t even know if I will shake his hand. However, what is certain is that those people in the RDS that night will experience first-hand 2016’s very own Frost-Nixon.

I do not support Lance, nor do I oppose Lance, for me personally it is all about the story. Anyone can provide content, few can provide moments that transcend sport. Lance cheated and cheated, and lied and lied, and then cheated and lied again. But, he wasn’t the only one.

One person who knows this all too well is Jaimie Fuller, CEO of Skins, a company that sued the UCI for their apparent “inability to run a clean sport“. Jaimie once labelled Armstrong a “serial” cheat who led “the most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping programme that sport has ever seen” (via BBC).

Jaimie will be sharing a stage with Lance and giving his own talk on corruption and ethics in sport at One Zero, an issue that many other conferences would avoid.

One Zero is committed to asking tough questions on sport and the path it is headed on; our world-class line up of speakers are united with us in that vision. We live in an era of open debate and our belief is that it is important to talk, probe, share knowledge and learn.

A lot remained unanswered from the supposed seminal interview between Oprah and Lance. Those questions will be answered on October 21st in Dublin.

We have not yet announced the identity of Lance’s inquisitor interviewer, but when it comes to making this the best piece of content of the year, there are only one or two names that can truly make this a reality.

Judge us not by our methods, but by what we seek to accomplish.

This is just the opening chapter on the story of One Zero, a little ol’ startup founded in Dublin by four Irish sporting enthusiasts. Support us or shun us, we know it will be hard to ignore us.


About One Zero

One Zero have announced a further two keynote speakers from the world of sport in PGA golfer Shane Lowry, World Cup winning coach Sir Clive Woodward. Other speakers include:

– Jaimie Fuller, CEO, Skins
– Alex Trickett, Head of Sport, Twitter

– Arnaud Simon, Head of Content, Eurosport
– Mounir Zok, Head of Innovation, US Olympic Committee

The inaugural One Zero Conference will take place on Friday October 21st at the Royal Dublin Society in Dublin, Ireland.

It is co-founded by a group of four Dublin-based entrepreneurs; Pundit Arena Founders Ross O’Dwyer and Richard Barrett, Sport for Business Founder Rob Hartnett, Health Tech Entrepreneur Clyde Hutchinson and Event Management Experts

Global advertising and marketing giants Ogilvy are the first Global Partner of One Zero which also acknowledges the support received from Fáilte Ireland, Bank of Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and others. 

Speaker updates and additional content will be available in the run up to the event at

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