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Kyrie Irving Misreads Shot Clock, Casually Buckets From Downtown

“Get buckets! I get buckets!” Kyrie Irving got buckets in true Uncle Drew style against Chicago on Sunday.


Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving misread the shot clock during Sunday’s 99-94 win over the Chicago Bulls and all too easily sank a jumper from way downtown when the pressure was on.

Irving incorrectly thought he had 22 seconds left when he inbounded into the backcourt.

He actually had just two seconds.

Luckily ‘Uncle Drew’ has ice cold blood running through his veins and in a split second casually swished from distance with the most relaxed shot-clock-beating three pointer you will see this season.

His reaction after sinking the long range dagger is typical Kyrie; cool and unfazed.¬†As his alter ego has told us many times: “It’s too easy out here against these young bloods!”

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