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Arsene Wenger is effectively emptying his bowels all over Arsenal Football Club.

Arsene Wenger is not suited to the modern game and must leave Arsenal football club. Immediately.I make no apologies whatsoever for what you are about to read.

Bayern Munich have just beaten Arsenal 3-1 at the Emirates and confirmed the inevitable reality that Arsenal will endure another trophy-less season. This has come as a ‘shock’ to Arsenal fans all over the world and they cannot believe the downturn in the club’s fortunes. This is ludicrous. Where have these ‘shocked’ Arsenal fans been for the last few years? Arsenal are a team that have been in decline for many years, and their eight-year trophy drought substantiates this fact. That is exactly what it is; a fact. In the previous nine years before this drought, Arsenal had won eleven trophies. ELEVEN. How could a club with so much success fall so far I hear you ask? One reason, Arsene Wenger.

Seven years, eight months and twenty-nine days (to be exact) without a trophy for a club like Arsenal is blasphemy, especially in the modern footballing world where a manager can win the FA Cup and Champions League, yet find himself out of a job a couple of months later. Look at the other traditional top-four teams, Alex Ferguson has been at Manchester United for as long as people remember, but he continues to deliver success. Chelsea, despite a trigger-happy owner and rotating-door policy when it comes to managers, have enjoyed success in recent times. Liverpool, despite their policy of paying over-the-top for average players have also enjoyed success in the last eight years.

EIGHT LONG YEARS. To put eight years in perspective, feast your eyes on these mind-boggling facts. In the eight years since Arsenal last won a trophy, twenty-nine other English teams have won domestic trophies, teams like Scunthorpe, Southend, Walsall. Since Arsenal last won a trophy, Spain have won two European Championships and a World Cup. Since Arsenal last won a trophy, Paul Scholes won 4 Premier League titles, 1 Champions League, 2 League Cups, and the Club World Cup. He even decided to retire for a while. Perhaps the most soul-destroying fact of all is that ex-Arsenal players have won a combined total of 44 trophies.

With Arsene Wenger at the helm, Arsenal will continue to act as a selling-club. They will continue to balance the books, but what good is money in the bank if you keep spending it on a team of cleaners to remove the dust and cobwebs from your trophy cabinet. Don’t get me wrong, Wenger was excellent for Arsenal. He has been a successful manager for the Gunners, but what good is mentioning the past when it is the present that clearly matters. Nobody wants to sound like Liverpool now do they?

The modern game has changed entirely since the days of classic Arsenal teams like the ‘Invincibles’, but Arsene Wenger has not. I understand that it must be hard for Arsenal fans to imagine an Arsenal without Wenger, but it is even harder for the neutrals to imagine an Arsenal with trophies. I’m going to put the Arsene Wenger situation in the clearest terms possible so that everyone can understand what Arsenal fans must be feeling right now (bear in mind that Wenger has made over £50 million since Arsenal last won a trophy) :

Imagine you are told all your life that the local shopkeeper is wonderful and that he always does his best for those in your community. You grow up idolising the shopkeeper, even spending money in his shop just so you can talk to him. As the years go by, you continue to spend your money going to see the shopkeeper, but he keeps getting rid of your favourite sweets. You are disappointed but decide to keep on supporting the shopkeeper anyway because he was so good to you in the past. Six long years of spending money on something you no longer enjoy pass and the shopkeeper continues to take your money, without rewarding your support.Then, all of a sudden, you wake up in the middle of the night, with a half-empty wallet and nothing to show for it but disappointing memories. It is then that the realisation sinks in; my beloved shopkeeper is no longer what he was. You don’t have the heart to tell him how you feel, so you hope nature will take it’s course and the shopkeeper will just retire, but six years soon turn to eight and you become a laughing stock.  You now know what it feels like to be an Arsenal supporter.

Arsene Wenger continues to get rich on supporters hard-earned pounds and doesn’t have the decency to walk away. This may be a little extreme, but he is effectively emptying his bowels on the famous North London club, while at the same time filling his pockets with cash. Although I admire his ability to multi-task, I hope the faecal matter runs dry and that Arsenal Football Club get back to where they belong.


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