Zion Williamson And Duke Basketball Is The Best Show In Sport Right Now

Every now and then an athlete comes along who isn’t like anyone or anything that has come before them.

A once in a generation needle-mover that people pay the admission fee to arenas and stadiums just to say “I saw THAT guy live.”

In a land far far away, in Durham North Carolina, Duke basketball looks as though they may well have something incredibly special on their hands.

Forget, Manchester City tearing teams apart week in and week out in the Premier League, or the All Blacks dominating everyone (Ireland aside) to stay perched upon the top of the rugby world rankings for the last nine years, or even an almost back to his best Tiger Woods taking thousands of spectators alongside him at the 18th green in the 2018 Tour Championship.

Zion Williamson and Duke Blue Devils college basketball team is the best show in sports right now.

Standing at six foot seven and weighing 285 pounds, 18-year-old Zion Williamson is as bona fide an athletic freak as you’re likely to see in any and all of sports.

Williamson was a high school standout similar to that of the second best basketball player of all time LeBron James, winning three state titles in a row in South Carolina and averaging a ridiculous 36.4 points per game and 11.4 rebounds per game.

The 18-year old also gained notoriety for his ridiculous dunking ability which he was far from shy of showing as he dominated high school basketball.

Williamson was then recruited by Duke at the start of this year as the top prospect in high school basketball. His first game alongside fellow freshman standouts R.J Barrett and Cameron Reddish came against the number two ranked Kentucky.

Duke and Williamson blew away one of the college basketball’s highest-rated teams, beating them by 35 and putting up an absurd 118 points with the North Carolina native grabbing 28 points and 7 rebounds in just 23 minutes.

Williamson and Duke’s performance gained widespread praise from much of the sporting world, but as with any overnight success story, they were heavily scrutinised going into their second game against Army.

27 points for Williamson, 94 points for Duke. Another blowout.

In just two games Zion Williamson and Duke basketball had become must see. Anticipating what the high-school standout will do next has become the greatest show in sports right now.

Then came Eastern Michigan University, where Williamson scored 21 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. He also did this.

In his first three appearances for Duke, Williamson is averaging 25.3 points per game and shooting at a scary 83.3% from the field. Every single one of his games has come under intense scrutiny and widespread media attention as the world scrambles to get a glimpse of America’s next superstar.

Flanked by two sure-fire future NBA stars in R.J Barrett and Cam Reddish, Williamson and Duke have caught lightning in a bottle this year, and they’re only three games into the season.

College basketball lends itself to shocks, when it gets to the business end of the season, such is the beauty of a single elimination tournament, but win or lose come the summer and the NBA draft, there’ll only be one name on everybody’s lips.

Enjoy it while you can and revel in knowing something incredibly special is happening. Duke face San Diego State tonight in a game that no doubt will be just as carefully dissected as Williamson’s three other previous appearances as the world continues to feed its obsession with basketball’s newest prodigy.

Forget what you thought you knew. Zion Williamson and Duke Basketball is the best show in sport right now.

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Author: Oisin McQueirns

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