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Hope Powell: An Inspiration to the Women’s Game

Kayla Cooley looks back on the career of England football legend Hope Powell.

As you may know Hope Powell was let go by the FA in August of this year as England ladies manager after her fifteen year reign at the top. Hope has been an inspiration I’m sure to all involved in women’s soccer and has been a force to be reckoned with.

Appointed England coach in 1998 as the youngest ever England coach at just 31, Powell brought women’s soccer in England to be where it is today. Leading her England side better now known as the ‘Lionesses’ to many victories in various competitions Powell has always been the coach to expect surprises from.

In 2003 Hope became the first woman ever to achieve the UEFA Pro Licence, and more recently became known for The Great Britain Women’s Team’s fantastic performance in Olympics 2012 in London when they reached the quarter-final and lost 2-0 to the well conditioned Canadian side.

Powell’s coaching methods were blasted by the public after England’s performance in Euro 2013 was described by many as “poor” and “disastrous”. In July of this year Keith Boanas (Estonia Women’s Manager) made his opinions on Hope Powell’s career as England manager publically known, calling for her retirement. Perhaps Boanas is still bitter after applying for the same Managers job in 1998 and not even reaching interview stages.

It is such a shame that a woman of such importance and devotion to the game has now been in my opinion used as a scapegoat by the FA to justify England’s Euro 2013 performance. Hope has said she is now looking ‘waiting for other opportunities’. Who knows, we might even see her in America, after the FA have over looked her for another position within.

Here’s to Hope! To me , she will always be one of the best managers of all time

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