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Wrestling’s 15 Most Ridiculous Moments – Part 3

With just three days to go until Wrestlemania 31 at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, we countdown the fifteen most ridiculous moments in wrestling history over five installments.

Parts One and Two of our countdown can be found by following the red links.

Some NSFW content follows.


9) Shane O’Mac almost breaks neck

Don’t try this at home!

Shane McMahon is the real-life son of WWE owner Vince McMahon. Not averse to getting his hands dirty for the sake of the family business, Shane took on Kurt Angle in a Street Fight at King of the Ring in 2001. Angle attempted to suplex Shane through some glass panes, failing twice – and landing on the back of his neck twice as a result.

Shane’s penchant for risk taking led to many more ridiculous wrestling moments:


8) Pops!

We visit 2001 yet again, where WCW and ECW ‘invaded’ the WWF (as was it’s name at the time). They were owned by Shane and Stephanie McMahon respectively, and outnumbered Vince’s charges. Having failed to bring Stone Cold Steve Austin back to the Team WWF fold, Vince and co. were seemingly doomed (despite this fantastic peptalk).

Team WWF were getting hammered in the ring by the Invasion. Until. . .

The build-up from Austin arriving in the pick-up truck to that tantalising wait for the infamous glass shatter was irresistible. The reaction of both the crowd and commentator Jim Ross made for one of the best receptions ever seen in either sports or entertainment.

The most recent ridiculous reaction in wrestling arguably came in 2011 when hometown hero CM Punk faced WWE Champ John Cena in Chicago, with the Chicago crowd giving Cena a reception usually reserved for the St. Louis Cardinals.


7) Steinermania

The ‘Big Bad Booty Daddy’, Scott Steiner, was given far too little mic time in his career (or too much, depending on your disposition to the Genetic Freak). He also has a 1990’s throwback for a website –

Big Poppa Pump is the subject of a wonderful video (seen below) which has gloriously compiled all his greatest moments.

For the purposes of our countdown, the moment when Freakzilla ripped Ric Flair has to be mentioned.

He claimed that when Flair appeared on WCW programming, “the people at home, all they did was grab their remote, change the channel to the WWF, and watch Stone Cold – a person you and your own friends got fired from here, ’cause you’re a jealous old bastard!” He then called Flair an “ass-kissin’, backstabbin’, butt-suckin’ bastard”, before ending the bitter rant with the comment “WCW sucks!”. He was suspended for two weeks with pay for the incident.

With Steiner being the treasure trove of ridiculousness that he is, there’s even a part 2 of Steinermania.


Join us again soon when we reveal numbers 6-4 in part 4 of our Wrestling’s 15 Most Ridiculous Moments countdown.


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