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Wrestling’s 15 Most Ridiculous Moments – Part 2

In anticipation of Wrestlemania 31 at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, the ‘Showcase of the Immortals‘, we countdown the fifteen most ridiculous moments in wrestling history over five days.

Disclaimer: some of the following links contain some very NSFW content.

If you missed out on the first installment of the countdown, you can find it here.

12) Thumbtacks

Mick Foley involved in yet more gratuitous violence. . .tsk tsk.

Here he took on Randy Orton at Backlash 2004 in a Hardcore Match. A young Orton (who was a third-generation superstar) would go on to become WWE’s Youngest World Champion, but he would first have to prove himself against the Hardcore Legend. Prove himself he did – the pain he went through in this particular match is something to behold. (The full match can be found here.)

Wrestling has had it’s fair share of these bloodbaths, with the likes of Edge (with Foley being responsible yet again), and Abyss suffering for their craft.


11) Jeff Hardy’s ‘no show’

The lights were on but no-one was home in 2011, when Jeff Hardy was set to face Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Jeff, The match lasted about 88 seconds.

Hardy had some well documented drug problems at the time. Hardy comes out onto the stage long after his music starts playing. 

Most likely either drunk or very high on painkillers. Backstage reports say he was found in a bathroom passed out on his back shortly before the match.” – Reddit user Jonscotch

Owner Eric Bischoff  then comes out and declares that the match will now be a no disqualification match, and talks to Sting and Jeff under the guise of wishing them luck.

The match begins and Jeff proceeds to stumble around the ring for a while acting as if he is unsure of who to throw his t-shirt to as the commentators and everyone else involved get confused with what was supposed to be the main event. Sting has to forcibly pin Hardy to the mat as the ref gives a quick count and ends the match. Sting was visibly annoyed at the entire debacle as seen below.

TNA later apologized to its fans for the pay-per-view “falling short of a standard” and offered six months of free access to the library to anyone who bought the event.


10) The Rock’s concert

Prior to Wrestlemania 19 in 2003, The Rock held a ‘concert’ (complete with dimmed lights and guitar), where he proceeded to absolutely rip both the city of Sacremento and Wrestlemania opponent Stone Cold Steve Austin, generating heat seldom seen since.

Luckily, The Rock was much nicer ten years later when he serenaded Vickie Guerrero to the stylings of ‘Wonderful Tonight’ by Eric Clapton.

Other Superstars who liked to let their voices do the talking include John Cena (with some very non kid-friendly raps) and even Stone Cold Steve Austin himself!


Join us tomorrow for numbers 9-7 in our countdown of wrestling’s most ridiculous moments.


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Author: Chris Kelleher

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