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Wrestling’s 15 Most Ridiculous Moments – Part 1

In anticipation of Wrestlemania 31, the ‘Showcase of the Immortals‘, we countdown the fifteen most ridiculous moments in wrestling history over five days.

15) The Big Boss Man Crashes the Funeral of Big Show’s Father

The feud between the Big Show and the Big Boss Man in 1999 became horrendously personal. After the ‘passing’ of the Big Show’s father, Bossman took it upon himself to attend the funeral, and well . . . see for yourself.

The likes of this Attitude Era storyline didn’t show wrestling in its best light.

That being said, if anyone doubted the Bossman’s sincerity, they need only hear his heartfelt poem about Big Show’s late father.


14) “That’s MY line!”

Don’t let the TNA setting put you off, this deserves its place in the list; if only for the comedic genius of Jay Lethal.

Jay was feuding with the legendary Ric Flair when he does this incredible impersonation of the ‘Nature Boy’ that is scarcely believable.

Random elbow drops, involuntary “WOO”s, and questioning of ‘stamina’ are the orders of the day.


13) Sandman’s concussion

Fake? Pah!

In the notoriously violent ECW, the Sandman took on Cactus Jack (a.k.a Mick Foley) in a Deathmatch in 1995.

Seen at 3:03 below (with some very NSFW language), Sandman recalls how he was concussed only a few minutes into the match with a frying pan. The stipulation of the match required a successful pin followed by a 10-count.

In his concussed state, Sandman forgot that he was supposed to stay down. Cue many drowsy attempts from him to stay up; forcing Cactus to take matters into his own hands. This unfortunately lead to a lot more head trauma than was necessary.

At least Sandman himself finds the whole thing absolutely hilarious.


Be sure to join us tomorrow for numbers 12-10 in our countdown of wrestling’s most ridiculous moments.

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Author: Chris Kelleher

Student whose interests lie in sports ranging from Darts to MMA, with the likes of Golf, Boxing and Soccer in between. Closet wrestling fan and a lover of sports psychology and stiff jabs.