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Watch: Dana White Reveals Late Drama In Finding Irish National Anthem Singer For Aug 26

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Dana White recently gave us some insight into some last-minute drama he had when finding someone to sing the Irish national anthem Saturday night.

The latest curveball thrown by SHOWTIME was one that could have had pretty unfortunate consequences for the atmosphere come tomorrow night.

Dana White spoke during a Las Vegas media day yesterday and told MMAFighting that there had been some unforeseen and slightly underhanded drama in play when the people at the SHOWTIME network told White and his team – just days out from the fight – that they would be the ones responsible for contacting and booking someone to sing the Irish national anthem come fight-night.

Demi Lovato has been pegged to sing the USA’s Star Spangled Banner when the time comes but according to Dana, the revelation was one that caught the UFC slightly off-guard with him telling the media the following.

“I got it done today. We’ll wait, I don’t know how we want to announce it. We’ll at least give this person the respect to do it the right way.”

“It’s a crazy story. SHOWTIME basically popped it on us two days ago. ‘You guys have to!’ What do you mean we have to? This is your show. So I was trying to call Ireland at all the wrong times and get all this done. We called Bono first. He said he wanted to do it but he’s got a wedding this weekend.”

“You can’t call someone like these guys with three days notice so we’re very lucky that we pulled it off and when we’re ready to announce it we’ll let you know how it all went down.”

UFC 189 saw Sinéad O’Connor sing Conor McGregor into the octagon with a riveting version of The Foggy Dew but with her currently unavailable, only time will tell who exactly White and his people were able to bring in.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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