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Watch: Conor McGregor Roars Like A Mad-Man In The Face Of Floyd Mayweather At Tonight’s Weigh-Ins

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Conor McGregor was at his brilliant best when he faced off with Floyd Mayweather for one last time in tonight’s official weigh-ins in the t-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

It’s official, people. Tomorrow night will see the biggest fight in the history of combat sports go ahead, with both fighters on weight.

Despite rumours spread by Floyd himself that Conor McGregor was having something of a difficult cut, the Irishman managed to come through no problems at all, with his official weight recorded at a healthy 153lbs. Mayweather himself came in a few pounds lower at 149.5lb but given his extensive history fighting at 147lb, a weight disadvantage will not likely be much of a problem for the American, especially when you consider the speed difference that will more than likely be apparent when both men step into the ring.


The highlight of the night came when McGregor did his patented battle-cry in front of the crowd and then screamed passionately in the face of his opponent, giving him the kind of psychotic stare that we have seen break the likes of José Aldo in the past.

With all of the festivities now behind us, we can sit easy in the knowledge that this contest is set to take place tomorrow night with both men on-weight and though the next 24-30 hours may pass slowly, the resulting contest should be one of the most amazing combat sports events of our lifetimes.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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