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McGregor Knocks Down John Kavanagh During Spar, Paulie Malignaggi Gets Slagged Off

John Kavanagh has posted a rather unflattering image of himself getting floored by Conor McGregor during a recent sparring session and used the opportunity to slag off an old foe.

Love him or hate him, John Kavanagh sure can deliver a burn when needs be.

You’ve all heard the story by now, no doubt, but despite the fact that the two biggest stars in combat sports are set to face off in one of the most controversial bouts of all time, they were not left alone to dominate the headlines in the leadup to their fight.

Paulie Malignaggi is, of course, a former two-weight world champion boxer who like many, voiced his dismissive attitude towards Conor McGregor as a boxer a few months ago when the talk of him making a move to the ring started but something about the barbed nature of his comments clearly made him stand out from the crowd to the Irishman.

A few months later the fight was officially announced and sure enough, Malignaggi – a respected boxing analyst for SHOWTIME – was brought in to provide some insight into the matchup on paper but Conor, obviously feeling disrespected by the American, challenged him to take him on behind the closed doors of his gym, something Paulie took him up on and the rest is now history.

The debate over the legitimacy of the knockdown and the fall out that followed dominated the news for a week or so but now, with the actual fight between McGregor and Mayweather within touching distance, Malignaggi and his agenda have taken a backseat.

Recently, however, SBG Ireland’s head coach John Kavanagh made a rather hilarious reference to the controversy after a picture of what appears to be him suffering a knockdown at the hands of his star-pupil was released through Kavanagh’s own official Instagram page within the last few hours.

It’s vintage JK all over.

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