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John Kavanagh Responds Brilliantly To Paulie Malignaggi ‘Spying’ For Team Mayweather

The SBG Ireland head-coach had some good news for those who were worried about how Paulie Malignaggi’s loud mouth might cause some issues for Team McGregor ahead of Conor’s fight tomorrow night.

For all of the talk and tension we have seen between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, Paulie Malignaggi has found himself acting as an unlikely third-wheel in this relationship, with him having forced his way into the headlines after his heavily-debated sparring sessions with McGregor ended up causing something of a feud between the two, one that has seen Paulie get a lot of stick in recent times.

The story, of course, is widely known at this stage but in last few days, things have seemingly kicked off again following a heated public confrontation between McGregor and Malignaggi as well as the release of even more sparring footage that paints a bleak picture for Paulie.

Perhaps the most interesting development of all, however, is that Floyd Mayweather actually hosted a visit from Malignaggi in recent times and – whether you believe him or not – claimed that he had sent the former two-time world champion into McGregor’s camp, to glean whatever information he could in the leadup to what will be the Irishman’s pro-boxing debut.

Mayweather has, of course, made a habit of playing games with his opponents in the past as they prepare to take him on inside the boxing ring but regardless, Conor’s coach and the all-round legend of Irish MMA that is John Kavanagh was quick to put the concerns of fans to rest when he was asked recently about the possibility that their gameplan has been foiled.

If there’s one word that perfectly describes the closely knit Team McGregor it’s ‘thorough’ and whether or not there are any wheels on this one, it’s at least good to know that – as usual – they continue to consider all possibilities and risks when dealing with their preparations which, for the most part, have been kept fairly well hidden at this stage.

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