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McGregor Vs. Cormier: Comparing The Champ-Champ’s

Daniel Cormier has joined Conor McGregor in a very exclusive club after his showing at UFC 226 last weekend but of the two, who is the premier example of a dual-weight world champion? UFC 226’s historic super-fight showdown over the weekend produced one of the most stunning moments in UFC history. Daniel Cormier, the man who many had picked as …

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Watch: Eddie Alvarez – ‘If You Don’t Think Conor Can KO Floyd, Then You’re An Idiot’

The UFC’s former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez recently gave his own opinion on the hot topic that is Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor and despite his well-publicised history with everyone’s favourite Irishman, his views on the subject were fair and balanced, all things considered. As devoted fans of the sport of mixed martial arts, during this modern era, we have been blessed with …

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Conor McGregor Named The Most Meaningful Night Of His UFC Career After Mayweather Presser

After going through the ordeal that was the official ‘Mayweather/McGregor’ press conference, Conor McGregor also held a private presser and sat down for multiple interviews on Tuesday evening. Although most journalists seemed entirely keen to focus on the ‘Notorious’ Irishman’s upcoming bout with Floyd Mayweather, UFC reporter Megan Olivi took her chance to remind McGregor that the night in question …

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Watch: 30 Scary Mayweather Seconds Sum Up Why So Few Give McGregor A Chance

Although many believed that purists would be forced to take Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather seriously when the bout was finally confirmed, that has certainly not been the case. Speaking about the bout, countless pundits have claimed that McGregor has slim to no chance against the undefeated Mayweather with HBO’s Max Kellerman refusing to even entertain the possibility of the …

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Watch: Owen Roddy Posts Incredible Footage Of Conor McGregor’s UFC 205 Win Over Alvarez

SBG Ireland coach Owen Roddy has released some truly amazing unseen footage of Conor McGregor’s walk to the Madison Square Garden octagon at UFC 205 back in November. UFC 205, by all accounts, was a resounding success. Everything from the atmosphere to the venue itself did nothing but elevate the already-prestigious fight card to another level entirely. It would have …

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