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The Ultimate ‘Rest Of The World’ International Rugby XV

Forget about the tier one nations of the rugby world, let’s focus on the rest of the planet. Ignoring all the major nations of the globe we have put together a star-studded ‘Rest of the World’ XV. 1) Masataka Mikama, Japan The Japanese loosehead has played 33 tests and won 25 of them – an impressive record for a tier …

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Is This The End For The USA’s PRO Rugby Competition?

After a very successful year for the USA’s first ever fully professional rugby league, it seems its organisers are on the brink of pulling the plug after a bitter dispute with governing body USA Rugby. Rugby Today is reporting that just a week after ending its San Francisco team, the PRO Rugby organisers has contacted all its contracted players to …

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Malta In Sevens Heaven: Men And Women Celebrate Success In Europe

Following on from this writer’s piece on Maltese rugby, Malta and its rugby teams continue to go from strength to strength with impressive wins in sevens recently. The men’s sevens team defeated Montenegro 19 – 0  in the final of Rugby Europe’s Sevens Conference Cup (2) that took place in Esztergom, Hungary on 23rd and 24th July. The result means …

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Holiday Paradise Looking To Take On Europe’s Rugby Goliaths

Malta is one of the smallest but most colourful, diverse and unique places in Europe. Because of its patchwork quilt history, it is a mishmash of architectural, social, political and cultural styles. Now rugby is the latest European arrival to its shores. So young is the sport in the country that the island’s first official test match was against Moldova …

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The Fields Of Freedom: Understanding Georgia’s ‘Lelo’ Spirit

Centuries and centuries ago, in the beautiful countryside of the lands that now make up Georgia, the game of ‘Lelo burti’ or ‘field ball’ was played. Teams could be of any size and usually consisted of the male populations of neighbouring villages. The aim of the sport would be to move a heavy ball across a stream or river in between …

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Breaking Through In The Land Of Ice and Snow: Icelandic Rugby On The Rise

One when thinks of Iceland, one might conjure up images of beautiful scenery, of volcanoes bursting through these landscapes, with the accompanying soundtrack of wonderful music that the nation produces, but one rarely associates it with rugby. However, interest in rugby is increasing across one of Europe’s most sparsely populated countries. Kristinn Thor Sigurjonsson, President of Rugby Iceland, the country’s …

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Opinion: The Rugby World Cup That Never Was

2007 RWC Final - England v South Africa

Back in 2002, the RFU’s CEO Francis Baron launched an ambitious plan to radically alter the make-up of the sport’s showpiece event, the Rugby World Cup. Yet instead of voting for change, the member nations of the IRB showed themselves to be staunchly conservative. But what might have been had the 2007 edition of the tournament been held in England …

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Watch: Best Tries From World Rugby’s U-20s Trophy

World Rugby u20 Trophy

The World Rugby U-20s Trophy showcases the best talent from eight emerging nations’ player bases. Here, we have a look at some of the best tries so far from the 2016 edition of the tournament being held in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe sizzler Is this the best try you’ve seen all year? Wonderful skill from @zimbabwerugby at #WorldRugbyU20s Trophyhttps://t.co/47XNoPtDUQ — World Rugby …

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A Dream XV Of Tier Two Rugby Nations

The so called ‘Tier Two’ nations of rugby made serious strides this World Cup, showing the importance of holding a structure and being well organised. Japan and Georgia showed this in overcoming Pacific Island nations. However, these teams did rely on some moments of magic from individual talent to get them over the line in some games. So how far …

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