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Watch: UFC 1: The Beginning In Full

The UFC have uploaded the event that started it all, UFC 1: The Beginning, to their official YouTube account for your viewing pleasure. In some ways, it’s almost odd to see this comparatively primitive version of mixed martial arts with the knowledge of how far the sport has come in the time since. Branded at the time as a limitless …

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Bellator 149 Star Gives Shady Explanation for Failed Drug Test

The United States Anti-Doping Agency and its affiliation with mixed martial arts have become an important tool in the fight against performance-enhancing drugs and their use in the sport. Bellator heavyweight Kimbo Slice is one fighter who has issues with the agency’s zero tolerance towards banned substances and unlike his fellow fighters, he thinks athletes should be allowed ‘little extra vitamins …

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Ken Shamrock Announces Rematch From Legendary UFC 1 Event

‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ will square off with Royce Gracie for the third and (hopefully) last time in February next year. The former UFC Superfight Champion made the announcement on his website to coincide with Bellator 145. It’s presumed that the bout will take place in the promotion, just like Shamrock’s last fight in June where he lost to Kimbo …

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The Constantly Evolving Nature Of Stand-Up In The UFC.

It was some time near the beginning of the new millennium when I first discovered the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. The dusty shelves of an eclectic local video store were where I first caught a glimpse of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I went there to seek out professional wrestling tapes. There, misguidedly mixed amongst tapes of the faux combat …

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MMA Vs Boxing: A Brief History Of Crossover Clashes

Seamus Raftery examines the history of crossover clashes between boxers and mixed martial artists. Conor McGregor is the most headline hogging athlete in the world today. This week, he has been all over the news due to the chaos surrounding UFC 189. Yesterday, he was grabbing the limelight for a different reason, however. Whilst a guest on, American chat show, …

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