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Quiz: Name The Most Loyal Players In The Premier League

Premier League Quiz

In our latest football quiz, we want you to name the players who currently play in the Premier League that have been at their club the longest. All clubs have their stalwarts and they are often indispensable due to their experience of the club and the knowledge of what it takes to succeed. We have compiled a list of 20 …

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The Ultimate Newcastle United 1990s Quiz

Newcastle Quiz

Newcastle United have always been a bit of a basketcase but they were a formidable side in the first decade of the Premier League.  Their swashbuckling style of play, their scintillating attack and often disregard for defensive duties saw them win the respect of many football fans. Throughout the 1990s they had a squad littered with talent and they were …

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Quiz: Can You Match The Sponsor To The Premier League Club?

Premier League Sponsor Quiz

In our latest football quiz, we want you to match the sponsor to the Premier League club.  Of course, Premier League clubs have multiple sponsors these days but we’re focussing on the coveted kit sponsor. These sponsors can make or break how well a kit looks but that’s a discussion for another day.     There are 19 sponsors in …

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Quiz: Can You Name Ireland’s Youngest Premier League Debutants?

How well do you know Ireland’s most talented Premier League youngsters? We’re asking you to name Ireland’s youngest ever Premier League debutants, with the one caveat being that they must have won a senior cap for the Boys in Green. For example, Transfermarkt have former Tottenham midfielder Andy Turner ranked in the top five however he was born in England …

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