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How Duke Defeated Wisconsin To Claim The NCAA Championship

Duke claimed the NCAA Championship in a game of opposites. Wisconsin drained from the defeat of Kentucky couldn’t handle Bo Ryan’s team of one-and-dones. On Monday night the roller coaster ride of the NCAA Basketball Championship came to a gripping climax as the last two teams left standing went head-to-head for the glory of being the best college basketball team …

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Kentucky Cruise into Elite 8 During Crazy Night Of Basketball

March madness moves into the business end of proceedings and the big question is, can anyone stop Kentucky?    As March Madness 2015 makes it way to the business end of the tournament, the same question is being muttered amongst fans all over,can anyone stop Kentucky? The no.1 seed are now 37-0 for the season and they once again showed …

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Everything Wrong With America’s NCAA Explained In One Video

March Madness is engulfing the USA right now but NCAA’s treatment of athletes is very wrong indeed.     For those not so familiar with March Madness and the NCAA, here’s a quick catch-up. The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletes Association. It’s a non-profit association which regulates all aspects of athletic programs for many colleges in the USA and Canada. …

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How To Break Basketball: The Grinnell System

Grinnell College, Iowa. Deep in the Cornfields of the Midwest. Since 1989 under the leadership of Coach Dave Arseneault, Grinnell have done there best to break Basketball.    How does it work? ‘The System’ as it has come to be known is a variation on another counter-intuitive playing style developed in the 1980s at Loyola Marymount Men’s College Basketball team. The …

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