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Opinion: Why Pep Guardiola Is Not As Good As He Thinks He Is

Man United

The award for Best Dressed Man in the Allianz arena went, once again, to Pep Guardiola on Tuesday night. Apart from Second Best Team over two legs, there were no other prizes. The mercurial Spaniard has now failed to deliver a Champions League trophy in each of his three seasons in Munich. Big deal? Neither have many other managers, you …

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How Wolfsburg Can Help Bayern Munich Conquer Europe

Premier Leg

Pep Guardiola’s managerial ability cannot be called into question. He has a record that is bordering on ludicrous and in just six years of management has almost cemented his place among the all-time greats. So why then, are doubts surrounding him setting in? Why are certain people starting to believe that unless he delivers Champions League success, and soon, to Bayern …

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Arjen Robben – The Epitome Of Persistence

Arjen Robben is a confident footballer; he might even have more self-belief than any other. We can see it in the way he plays, cutting in off the left when his first instinct is always to beat his man, find a yard and then shoot. Robben set the template for modern wing-play as much as anyone, along with Messi and …

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