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Watch: Joe Rogan Rushes To Tyron Woodley’s Defence After His Heavily Criticised UFC 214 Title Defence

The iconic MMA colour-commentator recently rushed to the defence of the UFC welterweight champion, who won himself no new fans with his performance at last weekend’s UFC 214. Tyron Woodley really cannot seem to get a break in recent times. Following his thunderous first round KO victory over Robbie Lawler at UFC 201, he has found himself matched up against two …

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Joe Rogan Posts Heartfelt Apology For Actions After Daniel Cormier’s Loss To Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has apologised profusely for this… Jon Jones claimed a win of gargantuan proportions last night at UFC 214, as he reaffirmed his status at the top of the promotion’s light-heavyweight division. In the aftermath of the fight, Joe Rogan interviewed Daniel Cormier. Interviewing the losing fighter, who can often be concussed, goes against the norm, and Rogan came …

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Joe Rogan Breaks Down Exactly How Conor McGregor Can Beat Floyd Mayweather

UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan took a moment during the latest edition of his ‘Fight Companion’ series to discuss the unlikely possibility that could see Conor McGregor defeat Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring. The unavoidable Mayweather versus McGregor discussion has seen itself progress over the past few months from a completely dismissible rumour to being a very real possibility as …

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Joe Rogan Voices Concern Over Money Fights Taking Over The UFC

Joe Rogan has expressed some serious concerns about the UFC’s recent inclination to prioritise ‘money fights’. Since the emergence of Conor McGregor in the UFC, there has been an increasing tendency for the promotion to create ‘money fights’ over traditional champion vs number one contender bouts. Dana White stated recently that he himself is sick of hearing about ‘money fights’ …

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Joe Rogan Recounts The Intriguing Exchange He Had With Big John McCarthy Immediately After UFC 209’s Underwhelming Main Event

With the anti-drama of UFC 209’s main event clash between Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson now firmly in the rear view mirror, Joe Rogan has revealed just how close referee John McCarthy came to stopping the fight in the fifth round. Speaking with Alberto Gallazzi on his podcast, Rogan recounts a conversation he had with McCarthy about the late flurry …

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Dominick Cruz’s Views On Why Cody Garbrandt Defeated Him Make Some Serious Sense

Dominick Cruz recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and at one point, gave his own personal view on why Cody Garbrandt got the better of him late last year. The UFC’s former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz is known for his unique and methodical approach to the martial arts. As a fighter, his unorthodox footwork and head-movement have seen …

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Watch: Joe Rogan Tells Extraordinary Story About Jose Aldo Dodging A USADA Drug Test

Stories have circulated on previous occasions about Jose Aldo and rather suspicious circumstances regarding a USADA visit in Brazil. However, speaking on his weekly podcast, Joe Rogan has now gone into great detail to explain the lengths that the featherweight champion went to to avoid a drug test. Although the following tale will certainly sound alarm bells in many MMA …

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Video: This New Joe Rogan Training Montage Showcases His World-Class Kicking Ability

If you didn’t know already, the UFC’s color-commentator Joe Rogan is an absolute beast whose kicking prowess has seen him gain the plaudits of even the most fervent of his detractors. Joe Rogan is, of course, a long-standing employee of the UFC, one whose excitable and colourful commentary-style has seen him reach his 20th year with the promotion in 2017. …

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