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Football At The 1908 Olympics: Goals, Gold & Great Britain

1896 saw the Modern Olympic games officially kick-off in Greece. The games were a seminal moment in international sporting history and their legacy lives on. Imagine if Pierre de Coubertin had given up on his Olympic dream? Imagine a world without stars such as Muhammad Ali or Usain Bolt? It’s an unsettling thought. The first Olympic games were a landmark …

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Liverpool’s Gerrard & The Top 5 Ruthless Career Endings

Inspired by Steven Gerrard’s recent poor form for Liverpool, David Sheehan focuses on some of the ruthless football career endings which have occurred over the years.  “Everything ends badly, otherwise, it would never end”  – Tom Cruise as Brian Flanagan in the film Cocktail. Rubbernecking. We’ve all done it. Straining your neck muscles to view the aftermath of a fender bender. Filled …

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Has He Blown The Final Whistle Yet? Jackie’s Army – Euro ‘88

This week, as Conor Heffernan continues his series on the history of football in Ireland it’s time to take a look back at Euro ’88 and the Republic of Ireland’s first ever taste of tournament football, under manager Jack Charlton.  Republic of Ireland fans have had to content themselves over the last few weeks with reading of Northern Ireland’s great achievements …

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The Offside Rule – A Brief History

Stephen Walsh takes a look at the origins of football’s much debated offside rule, a law which was adapted from the early codes of Cambridge University students. Author’s Note: Over my past few articles with Pundit Arena I have looked at the origins of various sports terms. Ideas for my articles have included curiosities such as Glenn Burke inventing the high five …

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