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How McGregor’s Genius Resulted In His Detachment From Ireland

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It started with a cult following before descending into global superstardom. Love him or loathe him, it’s hard to ignore him.  Conor McGregor transcended a sport that was already growing at warp speed and he did it like no other before him. His crossing into the mainstream of popular culture was so meteoric that it has become hard to identify …

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Masvidal Vs. Diaz: Another Step In The Growth Of UFC Fight-Promotion?

Thursday night’s official press conference for UFC 244’s main-event pairing of Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz gave us an interesting insight into a potential change in the UFC’s attitude towards fight-promotion. Let’s be real, the presser was a bit of mess. Sound issues that were no doubt exacerbated by the choice of setting were joined by some excruciatingly bad questions …

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Bellator Dublin’s Full Confirmed Fight-Card So Far

Bellator Dublin will take place on September 27 and will feature a host of Ireland’s finest mixed martial artists from top to bottom.  Of course, James Gallagher will draw in the bulk of the global attention with his showdown against his fellow prospect Cal Ellenor in the night’s main-event, but littered throughout the card you will find several top Irish …

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Michael Bisping Thinks McGregor Would Be ‘B-Side’ In Diaz Trilogy

Michael Bisping has stressed his belief that Conor McGregor would now be on the B-side to Nate Diaz after the Stockton-native’s recent resurgence in popularity. Speaking during a recent edition of his Believe You Me podcast, the former middleweight champion explained his take on the current standing of both fighters within the eyes of the public. Citing a matchup between Nate and …

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Two Years On: Mayweather Vs. McGregor In Hindsight

Exactly two years have passed since the worlds of both boxing and mixed martial arts collided for an event that was unlike anything that we’ll ever see again in our lifetimes.  “That Mayweather/McGregor fight next Saturday, it’s an absolute disgrace, makes no sense. F**k the two of them they’re just conning us for the money.” “So you won’t watch it …

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Any Weight Will Do As Edgar Responds To Conor McGregor Call-Out

UFC veteran and former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar has responded to Conor McGregor’s comments about a potential fight between the pair outlining that he will do it at “any weight class.” McGregor and Edgar have both occupied the featherweight division in their prime but despite The Notorious One’s rise to the 145lb throne he never crossed paths with the former …

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Watch: Conor McGregor’s Memorable ESPN Interview In Full

Conor McGregor’s unedited interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani has been made available to watch in full, courtesy of BTSport. It was a pretty in-depth interview that saw the famed-reporter asking Conor about everything from his recent controversies to his thoughts on the current landscape of the fight-game – including sections relating to the return of Nate, his thoughts on his …

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