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Summer Saved By Game From The Hurling Heavens

“Jesus Christ Marty, what a f****** game heigh” – Michael Duignan at the final whistle of yesterday’s All-Ireland semi-final. Right, so Duignan actually said no such thing, but surely even the most judicious prude at Montrose would have known better than to deny the Offalyman a lapse in refinement yesterday. Expletives are not to everyone’s taste, but they exist for …

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Tyrone: Nobody Likes Them, & They Should Care

‘I have to say on behalf of Tiernan McCann… if he had the chance again he would have responded differently to what happened to him and we all accept that’.  At that point, Mickey Harte should have stopped talking. He didn’t. ‘I just want to say that he wasn’t entirely to blame for all of this. If the player who …

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