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Watch: The Moment A Bemused Johnny Sexton Realises He Lost His Six Nations Medal

Ireland celebrated a famous Six Nations victory over England on Saturday and in doing so secured only their third Grand Slam, all of this on St Patrick’s Day at Twickenham.

Defeating the old enemy in their own playground on Ireland’s national holiday was the perfect aligning of the stars and fans and players alike celebrated accordingly in the falling snows of a London evening.

This was a Six Nations title and Grand Slam that was as deserving as any might have yet been, with Ireland delivering a series of imperious and irresistible displays that were punctuated by a never-give-up and fight-for-everything attitude that the other sides simply could not match.

Naturally, therefore, with the battles won and the war over, Joe Schmidt and his Irish heroes let loose the emotions they had for so long kept in check.

With many a manly hug, handshake and clap on the back, medals were bestowed and trophies lifted. Then came the satisfying on-field appreciation from the crowd.

Such were the celebrations that Jonathan Sexton somehow managed to lose his winner’s medal and the moment of his realisation was caught on camera.

The mixture of bemusement and dejection on the face of the Leinster out-half is in equal measures comedy gold and heart-breaking.

Hopefully, the Six Nations powers that be saw fit to replace the missing medal and Sexton left with the satisfying weight around his neck.

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.