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Watch: Ten Of Rugby’s Greatest Try Celebrations

Super Rugby Rd 10 - Reds v Waratahs

Professional rugby has embraced many things from other sports, but there is a growing tend amongst players to pre-plan celebrations and come up with something special to add the icing on to the cake of a particularly wonderful try. Here we look at some of the best and most unusual.

For the most part we’ve ignored some of the more bizarre dance moves from the players and focussed on the celebrations that are a little bit different.

By the way, if anyone can find a video of Mike Brown’s ‘drinking a fan’s pint after scoring a try’ celebration then please do send it our way.

  1. Digby Ioane’s ‘Scorpion’

It’s always great when you can top-off a great try with a move that very people in the world could do due to the massive upper body strength needed. Andy Goode, is that a challenge accepted?

2. Rene Ranger mocks the ‘Scorpion’

Of course, you could always better Ioane’s effort but parodying it, which is exactly what New Zealand’s fridge-on-the-wing Rene Ranger did in this fantastic tribute. Rugby’s satire at its best.

3. Danny Cipriani: The awkwardness of it all

Cipriani’s time at the Rebels was a bit of a mixed bag, but this was one of his highlights. A great try finished with some very interesting dance moves.

However, what really makes this effort is the awkwardness of it all afterwards, plus the fact that Cipriani’s determination to celebrate would not be put off by a hamstring injury.

That’s dedication to the cause.

4. Quade Cooper’s back flip

Normally quite an introvert on the field, Quade Cooper breaks character with this stunning back flip. This is also the move he pulls out every time he gets his pay cheque from Toulon.

5. Collins Injera ruins a perfectly good camera

Named after his parents’ favourite brand of dictionary, Kenya’s Collins Injera re-wrote the definition of a try celebration; somehow he managed to sneak a pen into his pocket, signs the ball he scores with and then scribbles his idiosyncratic-style of signature all over very expensive camera equipment.

One only hopes it wasn’t a permanent marker.

6. Koshuke Hashino emulates Juan M. Leguizamon

We all know about London Irish’s Leguizamon’s epic try celebration fail of 2007, but this one is pretty special as well.

There’s no greater sight for a player than to see your team mate destroy all your hard work with a poorly executed and unnecessary try celebration. Luckily for Koshuke, his try-that-wasn’t was as superfluous as his premature joviality.

7. Mike Pyke Does It Right

When your name rhymes you’ve probably been the centre-of-attention for long enough in  your life, so Canada’s Mike Pyke pulls off the most nonchalant face you’ve ever seen, bettering that of Keanu’s Reeves unintentional stoicism in every movie he’s ever been in.

This is the kind of politeness and respectfulness we’ve come to love as a Canadian stereotype. Mr Trudeau – watch and learn!

8. Chris Ashton… Nah! It’s Ben Cohen

Some of you might have been expecting to see Saracens’ Chris Ashton’s try-scoring efforts featured here, but the fact is he did not invent the ‘Ashsplash’.

Cast your minds back to the Autumn of 2002. When Ashton was still growing up in Wigan, Cohen had already created the ‘Cohensplash’, as witnessed about 24 minutes in to this video.

We can only hope Chris will admit to his plagiarism at some point and issue a formal verbal apology to Mr Cohen.

9. Jongh-nam Style

Do you remember Gangnam Style? If not, it was South Korea’s 2012 equivalent of Bucks Fizz. The Stormers’ Juan De Jongh loved it so much he decided to use it as a try celebration. We think Psy would be pretty proud of this effort.

10. Thomas The Tank Engine

Like Thomas Waldrom himself, this celebration is brilliantly understated but wonderfully evocative at the same time. Some of the players on this list could learn a thing or two from Waldrom about minimalism.

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