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Watch: Prop Breaks His Nose Headbuting Team-mate In Strange Pre Match Ritual

This prop was never made it out of the dressing room.

We have all seen some strange injuries occur on the rugby field over the years. Indeed, every weekend casualty wards in rugby playing towns throughout the world are visited by players needing to have a few stitches or a dislocated finger put back into it’s socket.

Few though have seen such injuries occur as a team psychs themselves up prior to kick off. However that is exactly what happened in the dressing room of regional French team, RC Cubzaguais.

Just as the pre match tension was reaching its zenith, two of Cubzaguais’s props decided to headbutt each other before making their way onto the field.

The strange pre match ritual was only ever going to end one way though, and with this prop paying the price.

Insolite en Gironde : à l’échauffement, il… by journalsudouest

Alan Drumm, Pundit Arena


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Author: The PA Team

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