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Watch: Michael Cheika Realising He Needs A Miracle To Save Himself

Just before Bernard Foley kicked the most controversial of kicks to seal a Wallabies win, Michael Cheika must have been feeling awfully lonely and a tad scared. 

Michael Cheika will hope this is as close to seeing his life flash before his eyes as he gets, ever. In to the final minute and just moments away from the most controversial of penalties. Cheika was a man staring in to the abyss. A defeat to Scotland would have rocked his world upside down.

He’d have faced criticism from all sides. He’d have been out of a job. And a lot of fine work would all have been undone over eighty minutes. Alas, there might come a day when Michael Cheika’s Australia fall in this World Cup, but it wasn’t Sunday.

But that was most definitely the deep exhale of a man who was coming to terms with some very, very unpleasant realities.

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Author: The PA Team

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