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Watch: Mass Brawl Breaks Out Between Both Sets Of Players And Fans In France

The game between Biarritz and Béziers descended into chaos.

Over the years we have all seen fights break out at games, however few have us have ever seen them escalate to such an extent that the crowd became involved.

Nevertheless, that is exactly what happened at an underage fixture between Biarritz and Béziers in France.

Although the regional newspaper carrying the news did not specify who started the fight, the footage begins with both sides brawling at the foot of the main stand.

The fist fight quickly moves behind the dugouts and along the length of the concourse. However, just as it seemed that brawl was about to get out of control, both sides returned to the field.

In the true spirit of the game, both captains then shook hands and after a number of chants from supporters the match resumed, with Biarritz winning out 28-0.

Alan Drumm, Pundit Arena

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Author: The PA Team

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